2014 First Tournament Ends


The first short mat tournament hosted by our club wrapped up on Friday, April 11. This was the brainchild of our President, Donna Blackstock. Much hilarity and some serious bowling went on from Wednesday morning through Friday afternoon. The contest was closely fought between all teams, but especially between the Blue and Green teams who finished only 1.5 points apart. Well done to all participants. May this be an annual event!

Blue Team        John Cossom, Jennifer Letkeman, Andrew Harley    27 points

Green Team     Svend Klausen, Lawrie Matheson, Elaine Hasler       25.5 points

Yellow Team     June Klausen, Ron Harmer, Joan Firkins                 22.5 points

Red Team        Harnam Grewal, Bev Regan, Karen Evans               21 points


Publisher: Joan Roberts, Photographer: Donna Blackstock, Editor and Reporter: Andrew Harley