Updated 2015 Christmas Dinner

Christmas-Tree-iconDetails for Christmas Dinner

Saturday December 12, 2015 5:00 PM at Carnarvon House

* The dinner ticket sales are going very well so anyone looking to attend should get their tickets soon.
* Before the dinner at 6:00 PM, we’ll be having a ‘Happy Hour’ with drinks and Carol singing. We would like to invite all members to come join us at 5:00 PM for this hour of Christmas fun, even if they prefer not to have the dinner.

Tickets are $25. E-mail Sylvia Sinclair at 703sincl@telus.net or phone 250-595-6171.

* A collection box will be in Carnarvon House for gifts, food and /or cheques to donate to Mustard Seed
* if anyone has items they’d like to donate as gifts for games, we’d love to accept these as prizes for raffles or a draw
* The turkey dinner tickets are now available for purchase from Sylvia Sinclair. This is a very good deal with the dinner costing $20.70 +15% Gratuity and 5% GST = $25 pp to our members.

Sylvia is often at the Club often with playing short mat. Arrange to meet her there for your tickets or by email or telephone