2015 Novice Championships

IMG_3049The Club’s men’s and women’s novice competition took place during the evenings of 15 & 16 July.

It was played in a round robin format for both genders. The weather was ideal and the play at a very high level. The competing novices had obviously paid close attention to the training provided by our coaches and helpers, because their game knowledge and skill was truly impressive.


The men’s crown was taken by David Anderson with Bryan Valdal finishing second, while Melissa Doyle took the women’s title with Alyx Valdal finishing next. These two members will make fine representatives of Oak Bay at the Novice Champ of Champs tournament at Juan de Fuca LBC, 3 to 6 September. It is hoped a good contingent of our members will drop by at some point during this tournament to lend their support for our novice champs.

Congratulations to all the novices who participated. Each and every one is a winner even though only two can represent us at the “big dance” in September. Well done too to Mort Nelson, tournament manager, and his many helpers.

Much appreciation to Dolores Troyer and the other coaches and helpers who devoted many hours to the development of this year’s novices.

Women’s Novice

First place Melissa Doyle
Second place Alyx Valdal
Third place Rosemarie Colterman

Men’s Novice

First place David Anderson
Second place Bryan Valdal
Third place Gordon Hryhoruk

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