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Murder on the green

A murder of crows (yes, the collective noun for crows is "murder") descended on our greens today. Hundreds of them were "coring" (excuse the pun) on the green, stabbing for grubs below the surface, and more were spectating from the surrounding high wires.  Maybe the … [Read more...]

Oak Bay Lawn Bowling Bids “Au Revoir” to Jim Brown

Jim Brown is departing to live in Nanaimo amongst his family. Oak Bay Bowling will miss his cheery face and wonderful bowling. Jim will expect us to visit him as he settles into the Nanaimo Lawn Bowling … [Read more...]

Fall Classic Two Mat Short Mat Tournament

                                    On November 5-6, six teams had a great time participating in a short mat triples tournament - the first to be played on the two-mat … [Read more...]