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DAY 10 June 11th

DAY 10: June 11th (Sunday) 5am awakened by the heavens opening up and the flood gates bursting open. It down poured quite steady for 2 hours, luckily none of our team had to bowl today. Jaymee made the 5 BC’ers a pancake breakfast before we headed north to Brisbane for the day. It was raining … [Read more...]

Wilkerson Weepers

Twenty teams entered this year's Wilkerson Men's Pairs at Victoria LBC with three teams from Oak Bay. The team of Jeff Machan and Eric Ballinger finished as one of three teams who won all three of their games, with one 16 ends game being played each evening. Jeff and Eric finished two shots behind … [Read more...]

DAY 9 June 10th

DAY 9: June 10th Australian Open starts today with Men’s Singles. Alex and John were playing at different clubs. I went to Broadbeach Bowls Club to watch our BC boy Alex. All disciplines have been divided into sections with 4 players to a section. Singles is played to 21 points, Pairs is 3 … [Read more...]

DAY 8 June 9th

DAY 8: June 9th Before we left Victoria Jaymee found that the Moana Park LBC was hosting a triples 2 bowl tournament so her, Alex and Shauna entered. It cost $30 per team for 3x21 end games. When the day started it was 22 degrees and windy but rain was forecasted for later in the day. In the … [Read more...]

DAY 7 June 8th

DAY 7: June 8th Our hotel gave us a complimentary buffet breakfast for having to change rooms because there wasn’t a mattress on the sofa bed. It consisted of eggs (any style), bacon, fruit, cereal, toast, muffins, baked beans, huge whole mushrooms, pancakes, specialty coffee and teas. Extremely … [Read more...]

Slide 285 Jubilee Pairs 2017

BSI Jubilee Pairs tournament, held at Oak Bay Lawn Bowling Club June 10-11, 2017 … [Read more...]

DAY 6 June 7th

DAY 6: June 7th Our accommodation Water’s Edge Hotel was great, fantastic view of the inlet and close to a shopping Plaza. It was also located just a 3 minute walk from the Port City Lawn Bowling club which we visited before leaving. There was a ladies league on the green who invited us in for a … [Read more...]

DAY 5 June 6th

DAY 5: June 6th After a good night’s sleep and chocolate chip muffins for breaky we were ready for another adventure filled day. My ‘shark love bite’ is a bit darker and swollen but I don’t have to amputate. We are headed to the sand dunes at Anna Bay (Birubi Point) a 15 minute drive from Pt … [Read more...]

Jubilant Jubileers

The 2017 Jubilee Pacific Pairs was played under cloudy skies and temperatures in the high teens making for ideal bowling weather. A total of 18 teams competed. Tradition requires that the team capable of winning this tournament must also have the strength to hoist what is a heavy shield weighing 25 … [Read more...]

DAY 4 June 5th

DAY 4: June 5th Started the day off with some grocery shopping at Woolworths to get snacks and beverages for the road trip. About 1 ½ hours up the coast we stopped at Newcastle Beach which is a popular recreational spot and home to Fort Scratchley a former coastal defence installation built in … [Read more...]