2018 15 Sage Green Registration Form

2018 15 Sage Green Registration Form

Published April 7, 2018 
This online registration form is for the 2018 Sage Green Tournament. 

For details of the tournament see the Tournament Poster.

You can see the List of Registered Players to date.

2018 15 Sage Green Tournament Entry Form

  • About this entry form

    This entry form is for the Sage Green Tournament, which is open to full members of the club.

    The purpose of this tournament is to encourage players with less than three years experience (broadly classed as "Novices") to improve their tournament skills by pairing with an experienced player. You will be asked whether you are registering as a Novice Player or an Experienced player.

    You register as a single player for this tournament. The organizers assign the players to teams.

    Complete the identification section below, check the REGISTER box, enter any comments or special instructions to the organizers, then register by using the SUBMIT button at the very bottom of the page.

    You can also use this form to cancel a previous registration.

    You will receive an immediate confirmation of your submission and, later, a further confirmation via e-mail that your entry has been recorded.

  • Player Identification

    If you are uncertain of your player rating, choose "Lead."
  • Are you registering as an Experienced Player or a Novice Player?

  • Enter any comments that are relevant to your registration in this tournament. (Type continuously; do not use any line breaks or carriage returns.)

    Now click on the green SUBMIT button below.

    If you do not receive an immediate "Thanks for registering ..." (in blue lettering) confirmation message after you submit the form, you have NOT registered.

    If there is no confirmation message, scroll back to the top of the form to see if you have an error message. Check to see that you have completed all the fields on the form. (Incomplete fields are highlighted in pink.) Fill in the missing data, then click on SUBMIT again.