2018 Fall Tuesday League Registration Form

Short Mat Tuesday League Entry Form

Updated 2018-11-18, allowing members to register as Spares and Substitutes

The experimental “Tuesday League” will be set up to play on five Tuesdays November 20 through December 18. This league is open to all club members, both full members and social members. See Tuesday League poster for more details and/or click on the Details . . . “spoiler” immediately below.

Click here for details on registration for the Tuesday League

YOU HAVE TO BE AVAILABLE EVERY TUESDAY BETWEEN NOVEMBER 20 AND DECEMBER 18 AT THE 9:00 AM, 1:00 PM AND 3:00 PM SHORT MAT TIME SLOTS TO PLAY IN THIS LEAGUE. If you yourself cannot be available for every one of those times, you may share a position with one other player, who is generally available on Tuesdays, thus ensuring full coverage. The players sharing a position must each submit this registration form, naming the other player.

You register as a single player for this league, declaring yourself to be a “Skip” or a “Non-Skip”.

You also declare yourself to be a “Player”, who expects to attend every Tuesday, or a “Substitute” meaning that, although you cannot commit to the full Tuesday League schedule, you would like to be invited to play, if a Player is unable to play on a specific Tuesday.

The organizers randomly assign the Players to pairs, possibly making some adjustment to try to achieve roughly equal capabilities.

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If you have already registered for the Tuesday League, your name should appear on the List of League Entries. If not, fill out the form below and submit it to register your league entry. (Although the maximum number of 16 players has been reached, the entry form will remain open to allow more members to register as Spares and Substitutes.)

Here are the League pairings and schedule as of November 19.

Registration for the Fall 2018 “Tuesday League” is now closed. Please contact the organizer for further enquiries.