2019 Club Fundraising form

2019 Club Fundraising Form

As explained in a recent note from Club President Brent Merchant, the club needs some extra funding to tide us over the last two months of this fiscal year until new membership fees for 2019-20 arrive. The Club Executive is therefore appealing to club members to recognize some of the very valuable benefits we all receive which most would agree are considerably greater than the amount of the annual membership fee. See Brent’s note here.

This letter from Treasurer Shelley Sidel explains the procedure for making a donation. 

You can view the current list of donors.

Note: This online fundraising effort will cease April 30, 2019. After that date, this online donations form will close. If you wish, you can still donate to the club by personally contacting Shelley Sidel, Treasurer.

Effective April 30, 2019 the club ceased its online fundraising to augment club financial reserves .

The club thanks all those who contributed to get us through the financial difficulties earlier this year. If you still wish to contribute, please contact Club Treasurer, Shelley Sidel.