2019 Short Mat Inter Club Tournament

2019 Inter Club Short Mat Tournament

The Oak Bay Bowling hosted a short mat tournament over weekend of January 25th through January 27th. Teams from across Victoria arrived at club to do battle from mid-day Friday until Sunday afternoon. The entry saw teams from bowling clubs; Oak Bay, Lake Hill, Vic West, Gordon Head, Sidney, Central Saanich and Canadian Pacific. A total of fourteen teams of mixed triples took part in the tournament. We were oversubscribed with two teams in reserve. Much as we would have liked to have included more teams, scheduling proved too difficult to accommodate more teams. We shall have to see what we can do for next year.

The teams were divided into two pools of seven teams with team guaranteed six matches for a total of 42 matches with playoffs for the top two teams in each pool. We used three mats for the tournament, two mats in the renovated Anderson House and one in Carnarvon House. Each match was scheduled for 65 minutes with a 10 minute turnaround. We played 2 bowl mixed triples. The House Managers in each of Anderson and Carnarvon House took care of the timing, scoring and conditions of play.

It was a busy schedule and fortunately everything ran smoothly with no errors in the match layouts. Thanks to Garry Anderson, Kay Alexander and Helen Kempster for doing a great job as House Managers over the seven segments of the weekend. Of course, no tournament weekend is complete without tea, coffee and nibbles to sustain the players. Thanks for the help in the kitchen to keep the goodies flowing.

At the end of the day on Sunday our master score keeper, Lorraine Neumair calculated the positioning of teams to find which teams made the playoffs. The results showed a good balance between the teams, with no teams winning all six matches and, in fact, the four teams making the playoffs all had two losses. Lorraine did her maths and separated the teams, calculating total points for minus total points against.

The results were:

Pool A 1st  Svend Klausen, June Klausen and Pat Thomas (Gordon Head)
            2nd Linda Cowie, Harnam Grewal and Jeff Machan (Oak Bay)

Pool B 1st Brent Jansen, Karen Evans and Mort Nelson/Chris Slade (Oak Bay)
            2nd David Taylor, Cheryle Bergevin and David Gladders (Central Saanich)

After the completion of the round robin play, the four teams gathered to play,

Pool A 1st vs Pool B 1st and Pool A 2nd vs Pool B 2nd.  

The Final results were:

1st Place Brent Jansen, 2nd Svend Klausen, 3rd Linda Cowie and 4th David Taylor.

After play finished, everyone retired to the bar for a post-mortem and unwinding after a very strenuous weekend! Thanks Donna for bar tending

Andrew Harley

1st Place Brent Jansen, (Brent Merchant Presenter), Karen Evans, Mort Nelson, (Chris Slade absent)
2nd Place Pat Thomas, (Brent Merchant), Svend Klausen, June Klausen
3rd Place Jeff Machan, (Brent Merchant), Linda Cowie, Harnam Grewal
4th Place David Taylor, (Brent Merchant), Cheryle Bergevin, David Gladders