DAY 5 June 6th

DAY 5: June 6th

After a good night’s sleep and chocolate chip muffins for breaky we were ready for another adventure filled day. My ‘shark love bite’ is a bit darker and swollen but I don’t have to amputate.

We are headed to the sand dunes at Anna Bay (Birubi Point) a 15 minute drive from Pt Stephens. What a change from the tree lined highway we were just driving on to seeing 10-30m high dunes. People can 4 wheel drive, do sand boarding or quad-biking on them but we were there to go camel riding.

Seven camels were saddled and hooked together in a line. We donned our helmets, put the left foot in a stirrup and climbed up on our kneeling camel. I had Sid, a 25 year old experienced camel, and we were the leaders. Jaymee and Nathaniel were on 18 year old female camels. As the camels rose up we had to lean way back in our saddles so we didn’t topple out.

We meandered through the dunes and waded in the water where the camels walk slightly sideways instead of straight forward. At the end of the ride the camels kneel down again so we can get off but not as gracefully as getting on.

Back into the car for a short drive past my shark friend to Oakvale Farm & Fauna World. If you hadn’t realized it yet the Sidel gals are zooitists (our word for zoo fans).

This family run 25 acre farm is very open with lots of areas of free roaming Australian native and domestic animals that you can feed like ducks, chickens, goats, kangaroos. This farm was less crowded than Taronga was so we had more time to get up close and personal with the animals.

On the road again towards Port Macquarie for our overnight stay at the Water’s Edge Hotel when a road sign stating ‘Tourist Drive’ was calling to us so we turned off the A1. Little did we know we were headed to Tofino/Ucluelet, after 30 minutes of winding, twisted roads along cliffs we took the next exit back to the A1. No more getting caught in a tourist trap .

Over the dunes

Smile for the camera