DAY 8 June 9th

DAY 8: June 9th

Before we left Victoria Jaymee found that the Moana Park LBC was hosting a triples 2 bowl tournament so her, Alex and Shauna entered. It cost $30 per team for 3×21 end games. When the day started it was 22 degrees and windy but rain was forecasted for later in the day.

In the patio area there were two dart boards set up, Nathaniel and I were going to throw a few darts but figured we should watch the bowling.

It took them half of the first game to get comfortable with the 16 second green. They played against some players who were also in the area to play in the Open and local bowlers.

It wasn’t their day to win but they helped the winners on their way to victory. Cash prizes were given out to the winner of each game and then overall 3 game winner – all were determined by point differential.

We left the club with the three bowlers feeling good about the improvement they made in their bowling from game one to three but not feeling so good about all the bites from the midges (not so lovely no see-um bugs) they received.

At Pacific Fair Mall we went to Betty’s Burgers & Concrete Co for dinner. Excellent burgers, fries and salads but no concrete. For dessert you could design your own ice cream creation or have one of their specialties.

Back at the house we slathered on the After Bite to relieve the itchiness before watching some Aussie tv.


Shauna, Jaymee, Alex

The Angry Beavers


Bar & BBQ between the greens

Darts Anyone?

Rink number that holds jack & bowl placement markers