DAY 11 June 12th

DAY 11 June 12th Monday

It is Jaymee’s day for singles competition at Paradise Point Bowls Club about 35 mins north of our house.

This club is aptly named because it is a lawn bowlers dream come true with 3 outdoor greens and a full size indoor green side by side. The walls of the indoor green roll up so players outside can see the action inside. Jaymee played her games outdoor and there were some men’s rescheduled singles, due to rain cancellations on the weekend, playing indoor.

There were 75 women’s sections with 4 players per section, Jaymee was in section 31 against a bowler from Queensland and the other 2 from New South Wales. Weather conditions were overcast with a few sunny breaks.

She bowled all three games very competently as if she was one with the green and carried out some of her classic ‘up weight shots’ with precision.

Game 1 won 21-8; Game 2 won 21-16, but Game 3 was a tough one as she was sitting the 3 points needed to win but her opponent was able to obtain the 2 points she needed. Therefore the result was a loss 21-18.

We thought her last opponent had won three straight knocking Jaymee out of contention for the next level of competition so we left the club with her feeling a bit deflated but extremely happy with her bowling.

Stopped on the way home to get some groceries and when she was helping me in the house çcwith my purchases our young male player from Nova Scotia (resident encyclopedia of all things bowls related) said “Congratulations Jaymee on making it into the knockout rounds!”

We looked at each other “No, the last opponent won all three of her games”, “No she didn’t, you have a higher 2 game differential than her”. Well the waterworks were coming out her eyes now and not the sky, we were so shocked.

She plays the first knockout game on Saturday at Broadbeach, winning that then continues on.

Her and the rest of the BC’ers celebrated with champagne .

PS: I am sorry that the website put in my blog isn’t working properly. It is the main link to the Open.

I see you Jack!

Indoor bowling on the left side

Corners of greens are rounded for easier cutting/rolling

Club’s Remembrance Memorial at side of green

Good Luck Hawaiian lei from niece Arianna