DAY 14: June 15th

Today is Shauna and my international bowling debut, we are decked out in our Angry Beavers shirts and my new confetti coloured bowls are raring to roll towards the kitty.

We are playing pairs at Broadbeach Bowls Club. The weather is overcast, breezy with long sunny breaks.

These are the first bowls I have sent down the green this time in Australia, Shauna had played in the triples game on the 9th so she was a bit familiar on how they would react.

There are only trial ends at the beginning of the day even if we change direction. We won the toss (which became important that day). The two leads have rolled their 3 bowls beautifully now it is my turn.

Don’t make a fool of yourself Shelley, you look professional – magnificent team shirt, new capris, new proper bowls shoes bought at Hunter Bowls in Sydney, new socks (other new incidentals I won’t mention). I stand on the mat and get situated, that’s when it happens – if Shauna hadn’t put her foot out at the precise second she did it would still be rolling on its way to Victoria (BC not Australia).

I was calm and remarked “well, got that out of my system” the other skip laughed knowing full well Canadians bowl in knee deep snow all the time and wouldn’t be able to adjust to the fast greens.

But, we did adjust just not enough to beat our opponents. First game we lost 10-22, third game we lost 14-21 and the second game you are going to be kept in the dark about it because that is where we prefer it to remain. But we did win something 3 times that day, can you guess what it was?

For dinner our Canadian contingency was all free to gather for a BBQ of dogs, burgers, roasted spuds and salad at the house.

After dinner Jaymee was checking out the pairs standings and hollered to Ann Marie “we made it into the knockout round and play on Tuesday” to which Ann Marie responded by doing her happy dance.

Shelley & Shauna Bell

Check out the 5 ender!