DAY 17: June 18th

The Nova Scotia crew left early to have breakfast with koalas at Paradise Country Aussie Farm and tour the farm, they aren’t expected back till late this evening.

The BC’ers were being in vacation mode and didn’t really get mobile till about 9am. With no one in my section of the house I had a quiet breakfast on the patio following the sun between the palm fronds. Beautiful clear sky day about 20C with a slight breeze.

Around 11 am I headed down to the beach to watch the BC gang attempt to surf (on their tummies) with the boards provided by our house rental. The tide was coming in quite rapidly creating a lot of waves and also encroaching on our beach gear.

Looking south along the beach toward Burleigh Heads we could see a large vessel parallel to the shore which looked to be spewing something out of its hull. Upon Googling it , I found out it is a Danish barge being used by the Gold Coast in a $13.9m Beach Nourishing Project.

The barge is to either dump sand from the bottom of the hull or “rainbow” (spew) sand in areas where the dunes have been heavily washed away. Approximately 3 million cubic metres of sand from the deep waters off shore will be dispersed during this project.

After my walk at the beach I went back to the house for a refreshing Australian Bundaberg Rum and coke, it isn’t a dark rum which I prefer but a very satisfying amber rum.

Jaymee and the BC gang took a stroll over to BurgerFuel on the Gold Coast Hwy for a late lunch then brought me back a ‘Burnout’ which consisted of grilled chicken breast, streaky bacon, smashed avocado, stilton cheese sauce, Dijon mustard, relish, aioli and salad. When ‘salad is listed as a burger ingredient it usually refers to lettuce, tomato and possibly onion put on the burger. Mighty tasty and messy to eat.

Didn’t do much else for the rest of the day as tomorrow is going to be busy!

BC Youngsters in the surf

Footprints in the sand

Tide just going back out

Danish barge left side of photo

‘Rainbowing’ the sand further inland

These palm fronds make the sound of falling rain when the wind blows them

Our garden pet – it’s ok, I keep telling myself he is outside