2nd Annual Inter Club Short-Mat Tournament

Oak Bay held its 2nd annual Interclub Short-Mat tournament on the weekend. Participation was up from last years tournament with 10 teams and 30 bowlers registered to play representing Victoria West, Lake Hill and Oak Bay Clubs. We even had one team entirely made up of 1st year bowlers who played very well. Our thanks to all the teams for making this event an exciting and entertaining spectacle.

Joining this event, was 3 of our returning Canadian Short Mat Champion Gold Medal winners. They played very well and the club is very proud of their accomplishments in Toronto. But, I know each one of the Canadian Gold Medalist champions would likely tell you coming back here and playing in a local tournament such as ours, is equally challenging because of the many talented bowlers here on the South Island. I think this is a testament to the fine work being done by all of the short-mat clubs in the area. We must be doing something right.

The team of Klausen, Klausen and Thomas from Oak Bay made a slow start of the tournament dropping their first match on Saturday. But, 5 games later they won the event in exciting final against the undefeated Grewal, Ranger and Rikley team from Oak Bay. Coming in 3rd was Jansen, Anderson and Evans. Taking 4th was the blended team of Slade, Anderson, Kempster, Alexander and Magill. Congratulation to all the teams.

1st Place – Presenter Anne Payne, June Klausen, Svend Klausen, Pat Thomas

2nd Place -Presenter Anne Payne, Steve Rikley, Tanis Ranger, Harnam Grewal

3rd Place – Presenter Anne Payne, Brent Jansen, Karen Evans, David Anderson

4th Place – Presenter Anne Payne, Chris Slade(absent) Garry Anderson, Helen Kempster, Kay Alexander, Mary Magill