A house to bowl you over

It won’t be long before we’re once again back on the greens enjoying a friendly game of bowls.

What will be new? To begin with we will be able to enjoy a newly renovated Anderson House. The improvements have already been widely reported but some major ones are worth repeating – a handicap ramp and washroom, new low-energy lighting and upgraded windows. We also have greater floor space which allows for a second short mat. In summer this additional space will make for a less crowded clubhouse when we gather for draws and tournament play. Perhaps most beneficial will be the impressive new deck.

The Executive is in the process of applying for a license to allow us to enjoy beverages purchased at the bar in Carnarvon House to be consumed on our new deck as we watch play on the green. More on this to follow.

It’s easy to forget how Anderson House has evolved over many years. Described on page 16 of the booklet A Club History and Golden Jubilee Tribute, Anderson House was built in 1957 as our only clubhouse. It underwent its first major renovation in 1999.

Named after John Anderson, a past president and major club benefactor, the 1999 renovation took place because a group of members came together to turn a dream into a reality. A plaque listing these dedicated members is currently displayed in Anderson House to recognize their contribution. Long time club members will remember many of these former members and reflect on their legacy. You might recognize two names on the list (one misspelled) who are still members today!

Twenty years on, Anderson House has once again been modernized and improved. This chapter in its history is still being written but the current renovations will clearly bring greater benefit to club membership. The kind of visionaries and dedicated members who founded the club and oversaw past improvements are still to be found amongst us today. To all of them, past and current, we owe a debt of gratitude.