A sign for the times

An old stained-glass window depicting a bowler in action on the south side of Carnarvon House recently underwent restorative work. Or more accurately the plexiglass that protected the window on which the bowler was painted underwent restoration.

John Dolman, one of several talented club handymen, along with a couple of assistants, removed years of weather damage from the plexiglass which has long covered and protected the image of the bowler. The plexiglass became so cloudy that it made the bowler difficult to see. Unfortunately, replacing the 58” x 58” piece of plexiglass was not possible as no company could be found that would sell a single piece in that size. Joining smaller pieces was not practical, so John got out his buffer and applied a cleaning agent to remove a good deal of the UV light damage caused by the sun.

While the “new” bowler window did not turn out quite as well as had been hoped, it nevertheless now presents a much better impression of our club to the public as they walk past Carnarvon House.