AHEP – 31 Oct 18

During this week’s photo taking Rod Armitage was available to provide some details which might interest members viewing the photos. Specifically:

  • Wood block around baseboard heater. This is intended to prevent members from inadvertently placing bowls bags up against the heater. It will also serve to protect the heater from errant bowls. An October 29, 2014 news post here illustrates the danger of placing combustible items close to the heater.
  • LED lights. Although not part of the original renovation plans, the old ballast lights were found to be leaking PCBs which are known carcinogens. The LED lights not only remove this potential danger but provide more cost-efficient lighting.
  • Plug for printer. In one photo Rod can be seen pointing to electrical outlets in the new closet at the south west corner of the building. This small area is planned to house a printer.
  • Grey patch on floor. This photo shows the section of floor that required levelling for short mat play.
  • Altered window frame. Rod explained that to fit the first section of 30 lockers from the corner nearest the women’s washroom, it was necessary to make this minor adjustment to the window’s frame. Between this window and the next there will be 100 lockers. After that window there will be another 40 lockers. Turning the corner to the right of where the printer will go, there will be an additional 50 lockers, and turning the corner and continuing to the main door will be a final 20 lockers, giving us a total of 240 lockers.
  • Volunteers. While the great majority of renovation work is being done by paid contractors, club members such as Rod Armitage and Anne Payne (shown vacuuming the floor), continue to provide an invaluable additional contribution. During the photo taking Barry Hersh was also on-site to meet Ken Breuker, owner of Oak Bay Construction Ltd, to ensure everything was progressing well. The club volunteers present on this day and many others over the course of this project are truly our unsung heroes. Thank you!