All Members Short Mat Tournament Feb 18

The third and final all members short mat tournament of the season was held on Feb.18th.  This time we had eight teams of three, playing three 7 end games of triples, in a round robin format.  The top 4 teams then played in the final games to determine the winners.

The team of Chris Slade, Eric Payne and JoAnn Edquist finished in first place, with Brent Jansen, Georgia Thorneycroft,  and Anne Payne rolling into second place.  June Klausen, Steve Rikley and Norma Alison were third, and Svend Klausen, Joan Roberts, and Tanis Ranger finished in fourth place.

An inter-club tournament is planned during March, before the short mat season wraps up for the year.


1st Place JoAnn Edquist, Chris Slade and Eric Payne

2nd place Anne Payne, Brent Jansen and Georgia Thorneycroft

3rd place June Klausen, Steve Rikley and Norma Alison

4th place Joan Roberts, Svend Klausen and Tanis Ranger