All Members Short Mat Tournament March 12th

All Members Short Mat Tournament March 12th

Svend Klausen, Marcia Thorneycroft and Kay Alexander

Brent Jansen and Tanis Ranger

Steve Dix, Anne Payne and Harnam Grewal

Due to the love of the game, and the enthusiasm shown by the short mat bowlers at the Oak Bay Lawn Bowling Club,  the 4th all members tournament was held on  Sunday March 12th.

Once again Steve Rikley organized another great day of competition for 18 participants, who weathered the Daylight Saving time adjustment for the early 8:30am start.

Competition consisted of 6 teams of triples playing three 10 end games,  followed by playoff games for the top 4 teams.

Finishing in first place, and the only team to win all 4 games  was the team of Svend Klausen, Pat Thomas /Kay Alexander and Marcia Thorneycroft.

Second place went to the Brent Jansen team, with David Sinclair as third and Tanis Ranger as lead.

Finishing in third place was Harnam Grewal, Steve Dix and Anne Payne, and fourth place went to June Klausen, with  Sylvia Sinclair and Mary McCutcheon.

A big thanks to Steve Rikley, as a newcomer to the club, for the leadership role he has taken in organizing the short mat tournaments for the season.