An indoor club for now

A camera-happy club member dropped by the club on a wet and soggy February 17, 2018 to take a few photos of our club in “slumber mode”. As you can see in the following photos, our wooden entrance sign is a little tired looking but there are plans in the works to have it replaced.

An industrious member has taken on the unenviable challenge of trying to keep deer out of our grounds. That is the reason for the tape hanging from our two entrances. This member shall be unnamed lest the deer become upset and chase him from our (their?) green space.

Despite the chilly wet conditions some garden gremlins continue to do their magic by keeping the flower arrangement just inside the “green arch” looking exceptionally nice. Who says everything has to look gloomy during the winter months?

Before long the blossoms will be out and spring will be in the air. At that point we’ll be digging out our bowls for another year of friendly competition and all-around fun. This is only possible, however, thanks to the tireless work of many volunteers. The photos that follow were taken many years ago and remind us that so many members have contributed to the success of the club in ways big and small. Their work has been much appreciated. Those who contribute in the coming year will likewise be the reason we are such a great club.