Andy Stewart Australian Pairs

Six teams from Oak Bay LBC and one mixed Oak Bay/Victoria LBC team entered this tournament hosted by Burnside LBC, 8 to 10 August. Four of these teams finished in the prizes.

The tournament format, commonly known as Australian Pairs, is described in the booklet Laws of the Sport of Bowls, Crystal Mark, Third Edition, 2015. There are two variations of Australian pairs with this tournament being played in accordance with Law found on page 16.

Tournament winners were Eric & Henriette Ballinger. Third three game high winners were Harnam Grewal & Mel Forster. First two game high winners were Jeff Machan and Jim Sidel. Second two game high winners (no photo available) were Alan Hall and Art Antrobus.


Eric & Henriette Ballinger


Harnam Grewal & Mel Forster


Jim Sidel & Jeff Machan