Are you pulling on your oar?

If not, then someone else is doing your share of the many jobs that must be done to keep our club operating to a high standard.

We are continuously in need of volunteers for a myriad of tasks, especially with the approach of the outdoor season. Please help where you can, especially in the boxes you checked off on your membership form to indicate areas you’re willing to contribute. These lists are available under the Members Only section. Don’t wait, contact the individual in charge and lend a hand. Thanks!

  • Buildings – Rod Armitage
  • Coaching & Coaching Assistant – Al Wood
  • Dinner/Social – Clarice Dillman
  • Electronics – Garry Anderson
  • Executive – Al Wood
  • Games – Karen Evans
  • Gardens – Alan Longstaff
  • Verges – Barrie Bolton
  • Kitchen – Sylvia Sinclair
  • Short Mat – Andrew Harley
  • Website – Brent Merchant