Attention all short mat bowlers!

Short mat 2012 OBLBC Open House
There will be a Christmas Indoor Team Cutthroat Tournament being played on Tuesday December 16th, Wednesday December 17th and Friday December 19th. All club members interested in shortmat bowling are encouraged to register. Games will be played during the day. Time slots will be announced shortly.

Each game consists of 10 ends and will take approximately 40 minutes to play. Each player will play 4 matches in the tournament and will be part of a 3-person team. The winner of each game will earn 3 points toward their team total. Second place is worth 2 points and third place earns 1 point. The team with the highest total points from 12 games played by their team members will be the winner.

The entry fee is $2, so there will be cash prizes!

This is an opportunity for us to try something a little different with our shortmat game in the break between fall and winter shortmat sessions. There will be a sign-up sheet in Anderson House, or you can e-mail Donna Blackstock at to enter the contest.