2016 North American Challenge

Background The North American Challenge is the largest North American continental bowls event of its kind. A challenge match between Canada and the United States, the tournament provides an international competition opportunity for both countries. Originally established in 1989, this tournament … [Read more...]

Short Mat Tournament Fall 2016

Short Mat Triples Tournament – November 5-6, 2016 Short mat players - new, experienced and everyone in-between – sign up for the first tournament of the fall season. It’s a triples, and teams will be randomly drawn according to entrants’ rankings. A maximum twenty-four entries can be accommodated. … [Read more...]

Labour Day Quaddie 2016

Labour Day Quaddie 2016 A cool, damp day greeted the bowlers Labour Day 2016. The quaddie consists of team of four players, Skip, 3rd, 2nd and Lead. All players play three 14 end games. First the teams split into two pairs, then the next game is a singles game and a triples, and finally in the … [Read more...]

Carnarvon Cup Results 2016

After a great season of playing, the Carnarvon Cup wrapped last Tuesday. Every Tuesday morning for 17 weeks the men gathered at the Oak Bay Bowling Club for pairs competition. Mother Nature treated us kindly for the final competition, the rain threatened but never quite made it. The competition was … [Read more...]

Novice Tournament 2016

The club Novice Tournament was held on 2 lovely sunny evenings last week.  A gallery full of club members saw some pretty impressive bowling from our first year members.  Winners were as follows: Ladies : 1st - Tanis Ranger 2nd - Lizzy Fraikin 3rd - Cathy Denny Men's: 1st- Jim … [Read more...]

Crown Bowling June 2016

Crown Bowling at Oak Bay Bowling Club A wonderful afternoon of chaos and confusion as 44 Oak Bay Bowling Club members took to the greens to try their hand at Crown Bowling on the club's greens. Crown bowling is only played in the North West of  England on greens which are not flat, as they have … [Read more...]

2016 Spring Quaddie

2016 Spring Quaddie Results A wonderful day for the Spring Quaddie; temperatures in the high twenties and a great turnout. The top three finishes were only separated by one point and a point count. Many thanks to Art Antrobus for his usual skills in organizing the tournament, to Lorraine … [Read more...]

Miller Cup 2016

Congratulations to the winners of the Miller Cup Tournament held at the club the weekend of May 28th and 29th.  Results were as follows: Weather conditions were a bit challenging for Saturday's play, with wind and rain for part of the day, but only resulted in one rain delay of … [Read more...]

Victoria Day Triples

A total of 66 bowlers took part in the Victoria Day Triples, our first club tournament of the season; and over 70 club members stayed on for the first dinner of the year. The weather cooperated, and we saw some very impressive bowling by some of this year's novices.  Well done everybody, … [Read more...]

Opening Day 2016

Opening Day for Oak Bay Bowling Club April 30th 2016 The 2016 bowling season started with the Opening Day on April 30th 2016. With some 80 plus bowlers in attendance the greens were full!  In addition to our regular club members, a number of 2016 intake of new bowlers participated in the afternoon … [Read more...]