GRANTS   I am pleased to announce that the District of Oak Bay has approved a grant of $3280 for our club to provide, in part, funds to replace the damaged windows in Carnarvon House and to replace the older metal frame windows which should help reduce the heating cost in that … [Read more...]

Tournament Policy

At the Executive meeting on February 21 the Tournament Policy below was discussed and amended. There are times when our club is asked to host special tournaments such as the Provincials. Approval for these requests are expected to be given in a very short time frame and to call a special meeting of … [Read more...]


Late Friday evening or early Saturday morning a hammer was thrown through one of the new windows in Anderson House. Garry Anderson was one of the first arrivals Saturday morning to witness the unfortunate result. He notified me and then called the Oak Bay police who attended a bit later. There were … [Read more...]

Elaine Hasler

After a long battle with cancer Elaine Hasler passed away on January 30, 2019. I am so sorry to see her go. She was such a kind soul and had that wonderful ability to bring smiles and laughter to those that met her. A keen participant on the greens and it was just last May that Sheila McCall … [Read more...]


Members and visitors coming to our club have four main options for parking. In the parking lot off of Eastdowne Road, on Eastdowne Road, on Harlow Drive or in the larger parking lot off Henderson Road. Typically members and visitors use either the parking lot off of Eastdowne Road or on Eastdowne … [Read more...]

Financial Status of Our Club

Before becoming a member on our Executive Committee I never gave any thought to the club’s financial status or what it costs to operate a lawn bowling club. If you are anything like me then you might have spent as much time thinking about our financial status as I did. Today I want to give … [Read more...]

Philip Bissell

With sadness I write to let members know that Phil Bissell passed away on January 12that the age of 92.   Phil was an active member of our club and will be greatly missed. Our hearts go out to Dorothy, his sons Bruce and Christopher and his step-children Marilyn and … [Read more...]

Police Thank You

I sent the following letter to the Oak Bay Police Department recently. FYI: Oak Bay Lawn Bowling Club December 30, 2018 Chief Constable Andy Brinton Oak Bay Police Department 1703 Monterey Ave, Victoria, BC V8R 5V6 Dear Chief Constable Brinton: As you might be aware, the Oak Bay Lawn … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas:                                                            December 23, 2018 At this time of year our thoughts turn to family and friends. From a different perspective I wonder how many of you think about our club during the holiday season. For me the club is, in a manner of … [Read more...]

Joe Rossi

Joe Rossi                                              December 11, 2018   I am sorry to announce the passing of Joe Rossi, a wonderful man and a long-term member of our club.  Joe passed away at the age of 92 on December 8. Given his Italian background Joe had a passion for bocce and … [Read more...]