Break in to Carnarvon House last night

Last night, November 12, at approximately 11 p.m. neighbours of our club noticed flashlights inside Carnarvon House. They called the police who attended and apprehended a female who was in the park. A male was with her but ran away. It will make it difficult if they can’t tie the woman as being in … [Read more...]

Nomination list for AGM and short mat start up in Anderson House

To Oak Bay members, Some items leading up to the AGM and Short Mat season. If not sent out earlier, here is the list of members nominated for the executive for next year. With short mat starting up next week (see below) we will be holding the AGM in Carnarvon House as usual. Mayor Kevin … [Read more...]

Lockers moving back to Anderson House

To all Oak Bay members, We are getting close to the end of renovations.  Carpet is expected to be laid on Thursday and Friday of this week.  This weekend the final pieces will be in place for the lockers to be returned on Saturday and Sunday.  To have this happen easily, we are … [Read more...]

Carnarvon Park Plans

Oak Bay is engaged in community consultations to determine what activities could be available in Carnarvon Park in the future. Last weekend, two proposals were unveiled at the Oak Bay Recreation Centre. The link below will take you to a site where you can view the two draft proposals. Once you … [Read more...]

Summary of additional costs to Anderson House renovation project

To Oak Bay members, Barry Hersh has been discussing the final costing of the renovation project.  We will have a final cost available to the membership at the AGM.  Barry has compiled a list of extra costs that have pushed the final costing over the original budget for Anderson … [Read more...]

AGM Notice of Meeting

To All Oak Bay Lawn Bowling Club members, The AGM of the Oak Bay Lawn Bowling Club will be held on November 18, 2018 at 1 pm at the club.  The agenda and special resolutions are attached. Committee reports are available to read on the website under the "Members Only" section.  Access … [Read more...]

Members Volunteer Commitments

This page contains the lists of all those who volunteered, on their 2018-19 club membership forms, for specific club activities in support of club operations. The lists below are always current since they are updated directly from the members' master file. For descriptions of the … [Read more...]

Anderson House Renovations

To All Members,   The board was briefed by Barry Hersh at our meeting this afternoon.  We are experiencing cost over-runs on the project.  This will require the board to come to the membership at the AGM to approve funding to cover the extra cost.  This is not something … [Read more...]

Protected: Roy Edquist – Celebration of Life

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below: Password: … [Read more...]

Short mat bowling update

To All Members As most of our club members are aware, when outdoor bowling at the club is finished, short mat bowling begins. Until renovations in Anderson House are finished, we will have just one mat that we can use in Carnarvon House. The primary issue is that we have to be respectful of … [Read more...]