Dinner Committee Reports Back

The Dinner Committee has tabulated the results from last month’s survey. Fifty members responded and provided useful feedback to guide the dinner program this year and in future years. Here are the Dinner Committee Survey Results. … [Read more...]

Markers Course and Criminal Record Checks

To all Oak Bay members, Bowls BC is inquiring on interest in attending a "Markers Course" in the local area.  Sidney has offered their club as a venue.  Anyone who is interested should contact myself - I will pass along your names to David Mathie.  I do not have a date for the … [Read more...]

New Bowlers Pizza Night and some other items

To All Oak Bay Members, June 15th (this Friday) will be our opportunity to welcome our new members with the annual "New Bowler Pizza Night". Pizza for our new members is free, it will cost the rest of us $2 per slice. There may be signup sheets at the club to give us an idea on numbers for that … [Read more...]

Refreshments at club tournaments

To all members, The House and Social (food services group) met recently to discuss kitchen staffing and what is to be offered at club tournaments. Coffee, tea and lemonade will be available during breaks, but not before any tournament. Snacks and other foods will not be part of the service … [Read more...]

Dinner Committee on-line survey

To All Members, The Dinner committee has an on-line survey available through the club website. We would like to know what the membership is interested in with regards to club dinners. If you have a few spare minutes to fill in the questions it would help the committee develop plans for the … [Read more...]

House and Social Chair

To All Members, Re: House and Social Chair Sylvia Sinclair has stepped aside from House and Social Chair responsibilities to focus more time with family. Shelley Sidel has assumed the duties of this position for the balance of the current year. We thank Sylvia for her time on the board and … [Read more...]

Leads Seminar, Dinner Committee Survey, Garden Sale

To all Oak Bay members, Some items of interest for you to look over. Donna Blackstock will be holding a "Leads Seminar" on Saturday May 26th starting at 10 am. The format for this seminar will be similar to the Thirds and Skips seminars held later in the summer. It will cover information for … [Read more...]

Report from May 16 Board Meeting

May 17, 2018 To all Oak Bay members, There were a number of items from last night board meeting that I want to let you know about. President's Blog: Future information to the members will be in the form of a "Presidents Blog" on the club website.  I or the current president will … [Read more...]

Register for Sunday Cutthroat

This year we will offer advanced registration for the Sunday Morning Cutthroat Tournament that will take place on seven Sundays between June 3 and August 12. To put your name down for this tournament, you register online in the same way as for any other club tournament. Scroll down to the bottom … [Read more...]

Garden Sale, Anderson House, Website Committee

May 8, 2018 To All Oak Bay members, Garden Sale: The club will be holding a Garden Sale on May 26th (Saturday) from 10 am to 12 noon at the club.  Georgia Thorneycroft is coordinating the event.  The gardening crew have been able to prune some plants from the garden.  They are … [Read more...]