Slide 270 Two bowlers

Left Eric Ballinger, OBLBC.  Right Brent Jansen, OBLBC. … [Read more...]

Volunteers for Coaching

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About Bowling Abroad

This new blog reports on the international bowling exploits of our members. One of the great benefits of being a member of our club is that you can approach any of the 7,000 bowling clubs around the world and ask if you can play. Read all about our bowlers' activities in other countries. … [Read more...]

No news from Lake Hill

Updated May 11 with new evidence. It’s true! The Lake Hill short mat invitational tournament produced no news that was any different from last year. But, in this case, no news was indeed good news. For more than a week, your reporting staff have been casting around for some “angle” to lend … [Read more...]

Extra tournament planned

There will be an additional short mat tournament March 12. Online registration will be available from 8:00 a.m. March 1 and close at midnight March 8. The one-day format of the four short mat tournaments so far in 2017 has proved popular, with rising numbers of players. Even though our latest … [Read more...]

Spouses battle it out!

The February 18 short mat club tournament was unusual since both finals featured spouses -- on opposing sides. The Paynes were leads in the “Firsts”” finals and the Klausens were skips in the “Seconds” final. No noticeable spats between sweethearts took place. After all, why would they? It is … [Read more...]

Ladies Darts Feb 17

There will not be a Ladies Dart Night in January due to family commitments. The next one will be Friday February 17th at 5:30 p.m. and will start with a 'Build your own Wrap' feast - details will be posted in February; also an email sent out. Shelley (Date has been changed from February 24th … [Read more...]

Who needs short mat?

Who needs the heated, cosy environment of an Anderson House short mat game, when the outdoor greens beckon? (Although today they were more like “whites” than greens . . .) Harnam Grewal must have persuaded Louise Mason, head of Player Development, that our club players needed toughening up for the … [Read more...]

Murder on the green

A murder of crows (yes, the collective noun for crows is "murder") descended on our greens today. Hundreds of them were "coring" (excuse the pun) on the green, stabbing for grubs below the surface, and more were spectating from the surrounding high wires.  Maybe the … [Read more...]

All done!

Updated October 30, 2016 They did it all in a day! More than 200 lockers were moved October 29 to make room for the two short mats, which are now laid and can be used immediately.   Lots of empty spaces on the calendar when you can drop-in and find out how your bowls behave on the new … [Read more...]