Report from May 16 Board Meeting

May 17, 2018 To all Oak Bay members, There were a number of items from last night board meeting that I want to let you know about. President's Blog: Future information to the members will be in the form of a "Presidents Blog" on the club website.  I or the current president will … [Read more...]

Register for Sunday Cutthroat

This year we will offer advanced registration for the Sunday Morning Cutthroat Tournament that will take place on seven Sundays between June 3 and August 12. To put your name down for this tournament, you register online in the same way as for any other club tournament. Scroll down to the bottom … [Read more...]

Garden Sale, Anderson House, Website Committee

May 8, 2018 To All Oak Bay members, Garden Sale: The club will be holding a Garden Sale on May 26th (Saturday) from 10 am to 12 noon at the club.  Georgia Thorneycroft is coordinating the event.  The gardening crew have been able to prune some plants from the garden.  They are … [Read more...]

Opening Day, Fund-raising cards, Adshead Tournament

May 7, 2018 Opening Day: A BIG thank you to everyone who made Opening Day a great success.  Weather was beautiful and the greens were running well.  Good start to the season.  All leagues, draws and additional lessons are now underway.  Please check the website for … [Read more...]

Club Shirts and Vests

To all Oak Bay members, For those of you who have ordered shirts and/or vests, they have arrived.  You can pick up the clothing you have ordered tomorrow at the club.  Please bring a cheque or cash with you for payment.  We have ordered some extra shirts if you did not have a … [Read more...]

Opening Day

To all Oak Bay members,   Saturday is Opening Day for the outdoor season.  Draw time is 1 pm.  We would like to see all tags in by 12:30 to give the drawmaster (Garry Anderson) time to sort out everyone and have rinks drawn before the opening ceremonies begin.  The … [Read more...]

Open House and parking around the park

To all Oak Bay members,   Many thanks to everyone who organized and assisted with the Open House this afternoon.  A bright sunny day goes a long way in helping bring out visitors.  We had 52 people come to the club with 32 signing up for lessons.   There is still … [Read more...]

Getting ready for the outdoor season

To all Oak Bay members, Some notes from the recent board meeting. Due to the wet and cool early Spring weather - we are limiting access to the greens to the activities at Open House and the training sessions for our new members. Opening Day is May 5th with all league and open draws starting … [Read more...]

Locker moving and set up for this season

To all Oak Bay members, After hearing from a number of you regarding the renovation schedule and proposed locker location, I met with some of the members of the building committee. We have decided to move all the lockers back to Anderson House for the season until renovations start. This move … [Read more...]

Anderson House renovations and locker location

To All Oak Bay members, With Anderson House renovations expected to start in mid June, we will not be moving the lockers back into Anderson House until the renovations are complete. The lockers will be organized in the far end of Carnarvon House for that time period. All drawmaster equipment … [Read more...]