Battle of the Sexes

imageThe Battle of the Sexes has always been a popular BSI tournament and the one held on August 16 & 17 at our club proved to be no exception.  Twenty Two high calibre teams played six 10 end games over two days.  The results were close but after totaling the “win/loss” records and the counting of “ends won” the finalists were determined.  First and Second rankings for the women went to Lynda Robbins of the Canadian Pacific LBC and Fay Nath from the Juan De Fuca LBC. Second in the women’s section went to our own club members Joan Firkins and Donna Blackstock.  On the men’s side Svend Klausen and Steve Foster of the Gordon Head LBC captured first place and John Cossom and Mitch Frumalle were able to keep Oak bay in the running with a strong second place standing.



The finals began at 1pm on Sunday the 17th and, after 14 hard fought ends, the winners were determined:

1st:                  Svend Klausen & Steve Foster

2nd:                  Lynda Robbins  & Fay Nath

3rd:                  John Cossom & Mitch Fumalle

4th:                  Joan Firkins & Donna Blackstock

Other prize winners included our own Eric Ballinger & Steve Dix who won their registration fee and Gerry Emery who took home a refreshing bottle of Pino Grigio.

Brent Merchant & Helen Kempster

More wonderful photos