Blast from the past – UPDATE

The current Anderson House Expansion Project is capturing a good deal of interest these days. Once completed it will provide even better value for club membership. Until this year short mat has been played in an Anderson House which was relatively narrow, dark, and cold. Following the expansion, we will enjoy a larger floorspace accommodating two mats which in turn will allow larger groups to compete at the same time. This will provide a better social atmosphere. With improved windows, ceiling insulation, and better lighting, the entire short mat experience will be significantly improved.

The Anderson House Expansion Project is just the latest in a series of major improvements. During the years since the club was formed, a second green has been added. Lighting for the east green was improved too. The individual lights that hung over the green, similar to those over a billiard table, were changed in 2003 to our current lighting system of free-standing lamps mounted high on the east and west side of the east green. A second clubhouse (Carnarvon House) was also built and in 2008 this building saw a major expansion along with the construction of a large maintenance building.

Membership too has naturally changed over the years as can be seen in the following photos. In times past novices were provided with pink ribbons to wear, the purpose being to identify them to veteran members with the idea that everyone would be more understanding should they transgress some rule or item of etiquette.

Improvements to the club’s facilities, especially major ones like the Anderson House project take hours of planning by volunteers and the consumption of gallons of coffee before ground breaking can finally take place. Ultimately there’s the excited anticipation when we can finally turn on the new lights, roll a bowl down the second mat in our “new” building, or hoist a beer at an expanded bar.

It’s not only the work of those who make these big improvements happen that matter. It’s worth remembering that many members make much smaller but nonetheless invaluable contributions to the success and prosperity of the club, day in, day out. Many of these unheralded folks are in the photos which follow, others will be those who will be bowling next to you; such a member might even be you.

Enjoy your club!


Note:  For additional historical information A Club History and Golden Jubilee Tribute, compiled by Harnam Grewal in 2004, can be found on the club website under the menu links “News” and “Club History”.

Updated 27 Oct 18

Harnam Grewal, widely considered to be to our unofficial club historian, pointed out an error in the second paragraph of the above news item. The Carnarvon House Expansion Project (CHEP) was actually completed in the year 2007, not 2008.  Proof is a plaque (see below) which hangs in Carnarvon House. Thanks Harnam!