Brent in Swedish Jail

Published on behalf of Andrew, Brent, Chris, David and Mitch


Well, here we are in the little cottage which is very pretty. But, you have to be rather careful negotiating the inside stairs. Three of the bedrooms are upstairs in the attic which is accessed by a set of open plan steps. With the bathroom downstairs, any nocturnal wandering has to be done with great care! Still we haven’t lost anyone yet although Chris did bang his head coming down the stairs….but no blood! Breakfast was an ad-hoc affair with David setting up the coffee to go for the first risers; Granola with yogurt seemed to be the most popular choice, but disaster…….urgh…we have no toaster, another first world problem! Earliest risers were Andrew and Mitch around 7 a.m. with David and Brent following up in the rear around 9 a.m. Breakfast was a long drawn out affair with lots of pots of coffee.

At 10 a.m., the day got underway and we went in search of the hall in Stromstad where the bowling action is to take place. The GPS came up trumps (not Donald) and led us to a huge building with two big gyms, but nobody was there except a cleaner and electrician, where is everyone? Well, we can only hope they will appear soon, as we are supposed to be lunching with the rest of the Canadian team tomorrow. After exploring and taking pictures, we said au revoir and went into Stromstad in search of the local museum.

We are lucky, the weather has turned very nice with lots of sunshine, but still on the cool side. The centre of the town is very pretty with narrow streets, and a river flowing through the middle of town into the harbour which is full of sail boats and working boats. The resident population is small about 7,000 but expands greatly during the tourist season. This is very much a tourist town with its own version of Disneyland called Daftoland. There are campsites and RV parks on the outskirts. But in the centre of town it is has a very quaint seaside feel to it.


But I digress; we did find the museum which is quite small and a lot was made of the illicit trade of booze from Sweden and Norway when Norway was on prohibition but not so in Sweden. Since Stromstad is only 10 miles from the land border with Norway and only 6 miles by sea, fortunes were made by “running” booze across the border. The museum was staffed by two delightful volunteers who gave us the story in their excellent English and our non-existent Swedish.

After the museum, we were wandering the streets when we were press-ganged by a local taxi driver who took us to impressive building called Stadshus, which turned out to be the municipal hall. Sure enough Fabrice, a young student from Rwanda, was designated to be our guide and we had the full tour including the mayor’s office, the chambers, the view from the top of the building and finally we were taken to the jail cells (not currently in use). There we almost lost Brent who decided the cell was pretty comfortable and rent was very reasonable. Onwards and upwards, having retrieved the van, we next went around the harbour to find the Stromstad Spa, a hotel where we are having lunch with the rest of the Canadian Team tomorrow. I hope they all make it. The hotel is a very modern, palatial building next to the Stromstad marina.

After we made our back to the cottage and collapsed, we debated what we were going eat for dinner. It was quickly decided that we would eat the leftover pizza from lunch; so much for culinary delights!

I will leave you with these thoughts. The cottage has no washing machine, so what to do when we run out of socks and other garments? One suggestion (made by a wife over FaceTime) that we wash out our smalls and hang them out to dry (except that they would freeze). Nah, was the common reply, just turn them inside out and keep wearing. I will leave you with that edifying thought.