Late Friday evening or early Saturday morning a hammer was thrown through one of the new windows in Anderson House. Garry Anderson was one of the first arrivals Saturday morning to witness the unfortunate result. He notified me and then called the Oak Bay police who attended a bit later. There were no witnesses so it’s unlikely that anyone will be identified. 
The broken glass covered a sizeable portion of both short mats and the surrounding carpet. A number of members were there to play but instead helped to clean the areas that were covered with broken glass. We had to use an attachment from my shop vac to get all the small pieces of glass out of the carpet and short mats. There was no damage other than the broken window. 
A patch was placed on the window and the company that manufactured these new windows was contacted via email as they are closed during the weekends. I hope to reach them on Monday and arrange for them to attend the club and make arrangements to fix the broken window. As the window was double paned it might take some time before a new one is installed. If that is the case we will have to wait until the new window arrives and is installed. 

I thank all the members who were there to help clean the mats, carpets and install the temporary patch to the broken window. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. I guess if there is a positive note to this unfortunate event its that the mats have been cleaned and look very good – they might even run a bit faster. 

If any of you are a bit superstitious then it might be great news. This is the third window that has been broken and if bad luck comes in threes we should be safe for some time – I hope!!