Bronze Medal in Singles

We’ll get to Andrew’s adventures later. But first, results from Day 2 tournament play.

The day started with semi-finals and finals of the singles event. Brent made it through to the semi-finals to play Martin Foxhall, but came up a bit short in the end. Brent went on to win the Bronze medal in the 3/4 playoff.  After a brief rest, we all started the round robin competition for the pair’s event. Both teams did well, Brent and Mitch went through the day without a loss. Andrew and David (or rather Andrew) got off to a slow start in the first match when Andrew lost his way, but fortunately all went well in the next matches and Andrew and David ended the day with just the one loss. Both teams qualified for the knock stage of the pair’s event tomorrow.

So where did we go after a busy day, well the team decided I needed further expansion to my experiences , so where did we end up….well it had to be Sushi! Something I had never experienced! Well guess what, we had a great time!

Well, we are now at home unwinding, sleep, and with more bowling tomorrow. Where shall we end up tomorrow night? I have no idea!

Until tomorrow, good night from Andrew, Brent, David and Mitch