Burgers & Bowls

Our Club’s Burgers & Bowls competition was played on Sunday June 18th under conditions best described as Scotch mist. Nevertheless 48 hardy bowlers enjoyed the day with most staying for the burgers, salad, and dessert. Even a few “unemployed bowlers”, who had entered the Provincial men’s and women’s play-downs at Juan de Fuca LBC but were eliminated on Saturday, showed up to watch the play and enjoy the food with their friends.

Tournament manager Rod Armitage was ably assisted by numerous members who performed a variety of tasks. The contribution by these many volunteers made for a highly successful event, one that even the weather couldn’t spoil.

In keeping with the fun nature of the tournament a number of door prizes were handed out in addition to prizes being awarded to the successful competitors. Final standings are as follows:

Al Neumair Barbara Weaver-Bosson Mel Jones
Matthew Stow Ronnie Stinson Fern Price
Peter Woods Erik Ewen Eric Fraikin