Burgers & Bowls

Winners (L to R) Tanis Ranger (vice), Eric Ballinger (skip), Anne Payne (lead)

2nd Place, Sheila McCall (lead), Sandy Coupe (skip), Erik Ewen (vice)

Another Burgers & Bowls fun competition has come to an end with participants feeling more like survivors than competitors. This was due to the 30C temperature with only a light breeze to help. Still, lawn bowlers are a hardy bunch. Once play ended we got down to eating, drinking and socializing.

Tournament manager Rod Armitage passed out numerous prizes. Some went to the teams which enjoyed a measure of success, while others went to the teams most likely to improve. Still others had the good luck to win draw prizes.

Two spiders took place where bowlers launch their bowl toward a jack in the middle of the green and then wait until the clashing of bowls and movement of the jack finally ends. Only then can the owner of the bowl closest to the jack be determined and a winner declared. Winning a spider is very difficult to achieve and so it’s not hard to spot the young woman in the photos below wearing a baseball cap and holding her hard earned prize. The second spider was won by Brent Merchant who fled the scene with his prize before a photo could be taken.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this fun event a success.