Calling all novices



You are if you haven’t yet signed up for some early season tournaments. We encourage our newest members to join in and try their hand in our fun club tournaments. Think of your entry fee as a modest charge to get some additional bowling lessons

Because of the random nature of club tournament draws, novices have an excellent chance to occupy podium positions. Unofficial club statistician Chris Slade informs that in the 2015 season, 7 of the 64 players who occupied podium positions were novices. That means 10% of the podium positions went to novices, and that’s what we like to see.

You still have until May 16 to sign up for our Victoria Day tournament and, if you wish, the dinner that follows. So this is a shout out to everyone, but novices in particular, to put yourself in the picture. Let’s get to know one another by playing the friendliest game in town.