Canada Day 2015

2015 Canada Day 004


What a wonderful day for bowling. The morning started with warm temperatures and a breeze followed up by rising temperatures in the afternoon. Some 85 bowlers gathered at the Oak Bay Bowling club to celebrate Canada Day. After a hearty singing of “O Canada” and speeches from the leaders of the two teams, one red and one blue, the bowlers played a two bowl six pack (two bowls each for lead, vice and skip) for six ends. Two points for the winner and one for a tie. The teams then changed opponents for five more games, with two breaks for refreshments.

By the end of the day everybody was ready for a beverage and a chat. After much computation, the Red team was declared the winning team. Peter Insley accepted the “Bulldogbowl” pennant on behalf of the Red team, who now have bragging rights for the next year. Brent Merchant accepted the wooden spoon on behalf of the Blue team….the Blue team will be back next year, fired up for a victory.

Many helpers were involved in organizing the event, from the kitchen help, door prizes, dinner, team organizers, markers and many more. The day wrapped up with a great dinner.

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