Carnarvon Cup Results 2016

Carnarvon Cup 2016 1st Skip - 1

Jeff Machan Winning Skip

Carnarvon Cup 2016 1st Lead - 1

John Dolman Winning Lead

Carnarvon Cup 2016 2nd Skip - 1

Alan Hall 2nd Place Skip

Carnarvon Cup 2016 2nd Lead - 1

Joe Rossi 2nd place Lead

Carnarvon Cup 2016 3rd skip - 1

Art Antrobus 3rd place Skip

Carnarvon Cup 2016 3rd lead - 1

Robert Game 3rd place Lead

After a great season of playing, the Carnarvon Cup wrapped last Tuesday. Every Tuesday morning for 17 weeks the men gathered at the Oak Bay Bowling Club for pairs competition. Mother Nature treated us kindly for the final competition, the rain threatened but never quite made it. The competition was very close, particularly for top lead, with Joe Rossi and John Dolman tied for first place. In the end John Dolman came out as the winner. Congratulations to all the players for a super season and also for those skips and leads who made it to a “podium” position. Thanks to Marg Machan who very kindly came out on the final day to warm us all up with coffee and goodies.

Andrew Harley