Gardeners get down and dirty

Old gardeners never die...they just spade away And spade they do, and weed, and water, and heaven knows what else. These club volunteers are seldom seen but the result of their efforts, like that of many other volunteers in various areas of the club's operation, is visible and appreciated. Some … [Read more...]

South Island Women’s Fours

photos courtesy of Gordon Head LBC   … [Read more...]

Stuff for sale

We have a few items left over from our recent Garden Sale. These have been listed for sale on UsedVictoria here but if you know of someone who might be looking for any of these items, please pass the word along. Thanks. … [Read more...]

June Quaddie

This year's June Quaddie took place on the second day of the month. It was played under ideal weather conditions. Both greens were faster than in previous years making it easier to reach long jacks. Fifty-six members along with a few spares enjoyed a day of friendly competition and … [Read more...]

Surviving an Emergency

Tournament play at a local BSI club was recently interrupted by the unexpected activation of the club's irrigation system. Water from one corner of the green sprayed outward caused bowlers to quickly leave the green to avoid becoming soaked. In haste one player had the misfortune to fall which … [Read more...]

Oak Bay sets Burnside on fire!

The 2018 Barry Skinner Memorial Open Mixed Pairs at Burnside LBC attracted 32 teams resulting in an afternoon and evening flight. One game was played each day over three consecutive days. The weather was cool but the bowls were hot with two Oak Bay teams winning all three games and taking second and … [Read more...]

Garden Sale earns much needed funds

Gardeners don't grow old, they turn to pot. And so they did today as they turned their attention to the sale of pots, plants and numerous garden implements. Details are in Georgia's report which follows. Great job gardeners! The Garden Sale held on Saturday morning, May 26th, was a great … [Read more...]

Oak Bay finishes on top

An Oak Bay team finished first in this year's Lynn McElroy Memorial Women's Pairs tournament held at Vic West LBC. Coming off a club win at the Adshead Mixed Triples, this makes two wins for Oak Bay teams in a bowling season barely underway. Well done! photos courtesy of Victoria West … [Read more...]

Victoria Day great success

Victoria Day was celebrated with three 10 end games of mixed triples followed by a delicious catered dinner. The greens were in excellent shape leaving little excuse for errant bowls. Four teams were successful in earning prize money. For those of us who are less talented there were raffle and … [Read more...]

Have you heard the word?

The club's prosperity requires that we build our membership to the point where our facilities can no longer accommodate more. That happy day is still some time off.  For now each club member is encouraged to do what you can to interest others to try our sport. Those wishing to download a … [Read more...]