Hola from Viana – Donna

Published on Behalf of Donna Blackstock - Donna is walking the Camino Frances  - a 5 weeks and 800 km journey that attracts over 250,000 participants.   Hola from Viana! I am sitting on a roof top patio in Viana looking out at apartments where many people have laundry hanging on … [Read more...]

Hola from Cirauqui Spain – Donna

Published on Behalf of Donna Blackstock - Donna is walking the Camino Frances  - a 5 weeks and 800 km journey that attracts over 250,000 participants.   Hola, I am now in a beautiful hilltop village called Cirauqui and I am approximately 45k further down the road since my last … [Read more...]

Hola from Larassoana on the Camino Frances!

Published on Behalf of Donna Blackstock   I arrived in St Jean Pied de Port which is the starting point at about noon on Monday. I spent the previous night in Biarritz (France) and when I went out to see the sights it was slashing rain. I am sure I have the only photo of the famous Biarritz … [Read more...]

Peter visits Invergordon Scotland LBC

Oak Bay Club member Peter Insley dropped in on a 2 century old lawn bowling club in Scotland. Invergordon Bowling Club was formed in 1899 as part of the town's celebrations for Queen Victoria's Jubilee and is the oldest bowling club in Ross-shire. The original clubhouse, costing £48-10s., was in … [Read more...]

DAY 27: June 28th (homeward bound)

Again with the 5 am wake up, I need to get back to my work schedule, at least I don't have to rise before 6 am. Car loaded by 7 am which is when it has to be off the street and then 15 minute drive to airport. Car returned to Hertz (my navigator didn't have any heart attacks about my driving in … [Read more...]

DAY 25 & 26: June 26 & 27th

Well fellow bowlers, I am sorry to say that these two days weren't that exciting for the traveling BC trio, more so for me than J & N. On Monday, they hopped on the bus to downtown Sydney to revisit the Bridge Climb shop so Jaymee could pick up a Nanoblock (tiny Lego) replica of the Sydney … [Read more...]

DAY 24: June 25th (6 mths till ??)

We passed a sign last night coming into town stating ‘Armidale – the highest city in Australia’. We weren't sure if they meant highest because of elevation or by some other means (elevation is 980m and as for the other it was definitely in the air). Our inland route was changed to one with less … [Read more...]

DAY 23: June 24th

OMG, it must be written somewhere in ‘Vacation Rules for Dummies’ that having to awaken at 5am is never to happen. Transportation schedulers must never have been given a copy because we were up taking Alex and Shauna to the train station. Got there only to learn the train wasn't running and they had … [Read more...]

DAY 22: June 23rd

This is the last day we have in the Mermaid Beach house. The morning was spent doing light housecleaning, laundry and organizing things to pack. The men's singles final was on at Broadbeach when the BC'ers got there to pass on the signed shirt to Allan. The game was intense with the victor being … [Read more...]

DAY 21: June 22nd

There are semis and some final games happening at Broadbeach today, I went over in the late morning to exchange shirts with Jacqui from New Zealand and watch the end of the women's singles final. The final games are filmed by overhead cameras played one at a time on one rink which is lined on both … [Read more...]