Chris wins two today

Published on behalf of Andrew Harley

Well we’re not bringing home the Gold Medal, but we’re having a good time. Competition here is fierce but friendly. These are the best short mat players in the world. They play and practice year round. Hard to keep up with such dedication. However, we only had one blowout of game and that was the first game against Wales. We never really found our feet in that game.

The mats are fast, but true. It was quite a wake up game! After that we settled down and had some close games against Belgium, Sweden and funny enough the favourite English team where the score was 13 to 9. We were pleased with that match. However the real story of the day was Chris Slade playing in the B Singles stream. Chris won matches against the English player and then later in the day, against the Swedish player. Chris did us proud.

On top of playing all these matches, it was great to meet and mingle with the players from the eleven participating countries. They were friendly and quite amazed that we would travel 6,000 miles to participate in the competition. The team also hit the headlines in the local newspaper where the front page featured a photograph of the Canadian team in their Canada jackets leading the teams into the hall. However the real talk of the weekend was our Canada team shirts, which were far and away the best shirts at the competition. Well done CSMBA (Canadian Short Mat Bowls Association). I’m including photos of the Canadians leading, the Canadian team photo and maestro Chris with his victory.


Tomorrow will see our final match and then the playoffs. Who knows, Chris might make it! The weekend wraps up with a dinner Sunday night at the Stromstad Spa.

Report on tomorrow’s activities will wrap up this blog. It’s been a pleasure to sit down every night and tap out a report on the daily activities; I hope you’ve enjoyed them, who knows when the next one could be!

Andrew, Mitch, Brent, David and Chris