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Private: Capital Projects Suggestion Plan

Your Executive continues to collect revenue from a variety of traditional sources, including membership dues, the use of grocery cards, bar sales, and so forth. Additionally, applications are made for various grants, all to help fund the many expenses we face as a large and well-equipped club.

For the future we need to know what capital purchases/ideas the club might anticipate over the next 5-10 years so that we can make appropriate financial decisions. With that in mind we have created a Capital Projects Survey. We want to know what you think we should be focusing our energy and resources on for projects that are primarily beyond basic operating expenses. To that end a Capital Projects suggestion form has been created to allow YOU, the member, to have a direct say in what your ideas are.

The aim of this undertaking is simple – empower you to decide what you want done and provide a method for you to contribute.

The first step in this process is to hear from you. You can access the survey via one of three ways:

  1. Access the form via this link 
  2. Look at the footer of any website page and click on the “Capital Projects Suggestion Form” under “Current Forms”
  3. Click the link noted in the banner area at the top of the Home screen.

All of these links will take you to the same form and will ask you to enter a password. That password is the same one you use to enter the “Members Only” section of the website. If you have never used this or have forgotten the password feel free to ask any of the Executive or Website members who will gladly give you the password. For security reasons we can’t send this via an email so it has to be done verbally.