Club Fun Day

The Club Fun Day competition was held on Saturday 22 June. It involved a number of novel conditions which tested bowlers in some unfamiliar ways. One example was bowling to finish on a groundsheet set down the rink at a challenging distance. Another involved mystery envelopes which were to be opened only after a certain end to reveal special instructions.

Thank you to the event organizers, kitchen staff, and bartenders, along with other members who contributed to the success of the day in a variety of ways. Together you made the day as advertised – FUN!

First place skip Steve Dix (missing), Event organizer Karen Evans
First place lead & vice Gerry McIntyre, (missing Kay Alexander & Robbie Bagot), Presenter Karen Evans
Second place skip Jeff Machan, Karen Evans
Second place lead & vice Paul Langdon, Margaret Machan
Third place skip Mort Nelson, Karen Evans
Third place lead & vice Derek Langdon, Gordie Hawkins