Short Mat Tournament December 1st, 2018

The club held its first Short Mat Tournament in the renovated Anderson House. All went very well with everyone having a good time. We did some changes in the way we used Anderson House, which seemed to help the flow of players in and out of the building during the tournament. The east end of building was used as the primary entrance to Anderson, using the space for coat and shoe racks and making washroom access easier.

The tournament had ten teams of three players playing eight ends of two bowl triples. We played on three mats, two in Anderson House and one in Carnarvon House. Each game was scheduled to last 1 hour. This allowed 10-15 minutes for turnover between games since games were played both in Anderson and Carnarvon House. Everything went smoothly, with the players gathering in Carnarvon House for the final matches played at 3 pm.  Garry and Marion opened the bar for the thirsty players; thank you bar tenders!

All players were winners that day, but the top three teams in each pool were:

1st  Brent Jansen/Karen Evans/Debbie Tsukayama
2nd  place tied:
Andrew Harley/Tanis Ranger/Janet Gardner
Harnam Grewal/David Gardner/Anne Payne

1st David Anderson/Steve Dix/Beth Christopher
2nd Louise Mason/Mort Nelson/Marcia Thorneycroft
3rd June Klausen/Georgia Thorneycroft/Steve Cowie

Thanks to Garry Anderson, Marian  Burow, Anne Payne, Jo Ann Edquist.

Proceeds of the tournament were donated to the club for the Anderson House restoration.


1st place pool A: Karen Evans, Brent Jansen and Debbie Tsukayama


2nd place(tied) Pool A: Tanis Ranger, Andrew Harley, Janet Gardner, David Gardner, Anne Payne, Harnam Grewal


1st Place Pool B: Steve Dix, David Anderson, Beth Christopher


2nd Place Pool B: Marcia Thorneycroft, Louise Mason, (Mort Nelson not shown)


3rd Place Pool B: June Klausen, Steve Cowie, Georgia Thorneycroft