Daily Draws Calendar

Daily Draws Calendar for the Oak Bay Lawn Bowling Club

Click on this area to find out how to register for events through the calendar

This explanation updated September 8, 2017 describing how to register online using the new RSVP registration system for any event that requires self-registration.

Find your Event: Select your event from the month calendar below. If it is not the month you want, click on the single arrowhead, > or <, in the blue box at the top of the calendar to move one month forward or one month backward. (The double arrows, >> and << will move you one year forward or backward.)

Event Details: Click on the coloured event box to display a pop-up window that shows event details (if any.)

Pop-up Window: Click on the title of the event at the top of the pop-up window to display Event Details, Organizer, Venue Details, and Information. If this event is one that allows RSVP registration, scroll further down until you come to Event Registration.

Registration:  Complete the Name field, and the E-mail field; add a Comment for the organizer, if necessary; choose to Attend; Click on the final button Join and RSVP.

Cancellation:  To cancel your attendance at an event for which you have previously registered: complete the Name field, and the E-mail field; choose to Not Attend; click on the final button Join and RSVP. Note that, for your cancellation to take effect, your e-mail ID must be identical to the e-mail ID you chose when you first registered for the event. If cancellation does not seem to work for you, contact the organizer of the event.

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