Darts take flight

As the winter season winds down many Club members continue to come out for our regular Wednesday and Sunday darts games beginning at 1:00 pm.

Initially we play games of “501” followed by a format known as “Tactics”. To learn how these are played come out and try your hand. Club darts are available for use by new players and there are many veteran players willing to share their knowledge with you. Darts play is interspersed with drinks and munchies adding to the fun.

Below is a compilation of photos from play on Sunday, 26 February. The photo of the board with many darts in it was taken part way through a “throw in” where each player throws one dart using their opposite hand. From this hodgepodge of darts, Al Neumair (darts maestro), determines the teams.

Darts is a fun game and all members who haven’t yet tried it are encouraged to give it a go!