Christmas Short Mat Tournament Results

short mat winners 2014

Day two of the Christmas shortmat tournament proved to be very interesting. Svend Klausen and Garry Anderson won both of their scheduled games and were able to claim top spot in the tournament.

In the end each team finished with a record of 2 wins and 2 losses. Points were awarded as follows win (4) tie (3) loss by < 3 (2) loss by > 3 (1). Svend and Garry were able to earn the extra point in both of their losses. The deciding factor between first place and second place was the head to head match played between the tied teams.

Thanks to members who came out to watch the games and to participants who offered feedback for future shortmat tournament play. We look forward to something in April.

Here are the final results

1.  Garry Anderson and Svend Klausen.           12 points
2.  Louise Mason and John Cossom.               12 points
3.  David Gardner and Linda Cowie.                 11 points
4.  Sue Watt and Harnam Grewal.                    10 points
5.  Robert Game and June Klausen.                 10 points

Seasons greetings!


Tournament  Photos