DAY 1: May 31st which turns into Aussie June 2nd

Front of team shirt

Have a seat!

Bondi Beach

Back of team shirt

On route Victoria- San Francisco- Sydney. If you ever see ‘SSSS’ on your boarding pass be prepared to take off your shoes to go through the screening process of a body scan as well as a pat down, which I had to do in both Victoria and San Francisco. If the carry on screeners miss seeing this stamp on your boarding pass and you get through they can remove you from the plane. I was told it is just at random which passengers are chosen. Good thing we had a long layover in San Francisco.

Arrived in Sydney safe and sound, now to pick up the rental car – oh dear the steering wheel is on the wrong side of the vehicle what will I do! After giving my navigator (Jaymee) 3 heartattacks before getting out of the Hertz parking garage, I was ready to tackle the M5,M4,M3 and the 4 km long tunnels but the turn signal was a different matter. I have the cleanest windshield in Australia and numerous Aussie drivers cursing me for cutting them off.

First stop was Hunter Bowls, 45 minutes outside of Sydney to pick up our fabulous team shirts that Jaymee had designed. Bev, I picked up your grip cloth and a pair of shoes for me to go with my new bowls.  We had the most delicious melt in your mouth sandwiches at a Trattoria in the same complex.

Onto Bondi Junction, what a gorgeous seaside resort town even despite the wind and rain. Visited Bondi Ink (tattoo shop seen on tv) for a t-shirt, no tats today then found Bondi Veterinarian clinic (also a reality tv show). Lots of unique shops and restaurants along the main street.

Hotel I had chosen definitely didn’t live up to its website pictures and was extremely noisy due to a highway being outside our window (drag racing during the night), glad it was for only two nights. Lights out by 9pm, all sound asleep.