DAY 13 June 14th


DAY 13: June 14th

Pairs competition for Jaymee and Ann Marie at Musgrave Hill also Alex and John at Coolangatta near the Gold Coast Airport.

There are 37 sections in women’s pairs with 4 teams to a section.

J & AM’s 1st game was plagued with sporadic downpours then sunny breaks with gusts of wind but it didn’t deter them. It actually made the greens speed more to what it is running back home. 30 mins left in this game when it was halted due to total water coverage on all three greens. They only had 3 bowls to roll in the last end.

75 mins later they were allowed back on the greens to replay the end they stopped on. Final score was a win for J & AM 29-9.

Game 2 started in gorgeous sunshine which didn’t last long then it became misty and raining heavily. This game was delayed twice but for only a few mins each time and resulted in another win 21-14.

In game 3 the bowling gods were not anywhere near the green. The New South Wales opponents were spot on each end, J & AM couldn’t get a break. Sad to say they lost 29-4.

The boys had fun in Coolangatta, less rain but they didn’t win a game.

To drown our sorrows we hit Macca’s (do you remember what it is?) then headed home for dry clothes.

Ann Marie Siteman and Jaymee

Apple turnover for Momma ‘s breakfast from the club

Swimming anyone!

These mesh awnings spread out across a whole green for sun protection